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Engraved Bevel - Teach Nurture Inspire (Paintbrush)

Engraved Bevel - Teach Nurture Inspire (Paintbrush)

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Teach, nurture, inspire: it's what the great teachers do! And now you can incorporate this important message into your next suncatcher or panel.

Whether you're filling your Etsy store with new pieces, preparing stock for spring craft shows, or planning to make a gift for your own kid's teacher, this engraved bevel is the perfect centerpiece for your panel or suncatcher.

This intricately designed glass bevel is precisely laser-engraved for a bright, eye-catching look. Available in multiple sizes and shapes to meet your creative needs - 4"x4" and 5"x5" squares. 

Order this bevel and get your Teacher Thank You pieces underway!

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