About Glassola Tools

The Glassola Tools Story

Glassola Tools was founded by master stained glass artist Mei Cheung. Using her twenty years’ experience creating uniquely dazzling stained glass pieces, Mei developed a number of tools to help her create stained glass quickly, accurately, and – most importantly – beautifully.

Now these tools are available for you too. From geometric frames, to seasonal frame designs, to our line of engraved bevels, each tool you order from Glassola Tools is created in our own studio from high-quality materials. We precision-cut every piece with our laser engraver, ensuring that every item we make meets Mei’s exacting standards.


The Glassola Tools Designer and Artist: A.S. Cheung

An engineer by training, A.S. Cheung has been creating unique and compelling stained glass pieces for over 20 years. Her unique designs include intricate geometric patterns, cartoon and video game characters, sensitive pieces that capture natural beauty in flora and fauna, and her celebrated “nerdcore” style that captures beloved fandoms in her signature minimalist style.

Ms Cheung’s creations have been sold to collectors and stained glass lovers across North America and around the world, and have been displayed in multiple shows, most notably the Canadian National Exhibition in 2014.

Check out Mei’s astounding stained glass gallery here!

She works primarily out of her home workshop in Ontario, Canada. She lives with her husband and two sweet, lovable beagles.