Glassola Stained Glass Tools

High quality stained glass tools for beginners and experts.

Designed and produced by a stained glass artist.

Glassola Stained Glass Tools is your source for innovative and valuable tools, supplies, layout frames, and more to improve your stained glass work. We provide unique tools that enable you to make 
perfectly shaped suncatchers and panels every time.

Whether you are in Canada, the United States, or anywhere in the world, you can click here to shop our collection of layout frames perfect for any project. You can also explore our portfolio of engraved bevels. Whether they are classic shapes and designs, seasonal looks, or custom made, we have something for everyone from hobbyist to national retailers!

With Glassola Tools, you’ll save time and effort, and your pieces will look perfectly professional.

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Why Use Our Stained Glass Tools?

Glassola Tools makes devices to help stained glass artists across the world reach their true potential. They take away much of the difficult, annoying, and fiddly work, and let your artistry and joy really sing. Learn more about the Glassola Tools story today

Make your pieces look more professional

By using our layout frames, you ensure a perfect edge for your suncatchers and ornaments every time. This is the key to making your pieces look truly professional - a perfect, even border all around the piece.

Save time and effort

They also save you time by helping you grind your glass segments accurately throughout the suncatcher. The sturdy, rigid frames ensure that you can match the pieces to the contours and angles of your shape before you even begin to solder them. The result is thinner lines, better borders, and a more perfect finished piece.

Made from top quality materials

Our tools are made from top-quality materials. All of our source materials are produced in Canada, and cut and packaged in our own workshop. We know that they have to stand up to the realities of stained glass production, and flimsy, cheap products imported from overseas are not good enough for our studio - nor for yours.

Level up your glass!

If you're ready to level up in your glass work's quality and precision,
now is the time to try Glassola Tools!