Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your products made?

All our products are made in our workshop located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. We do not outsource our production or manufacture our products overseas.


What are your products made from?

We make all our products from quality high density fibreboard (HDF). This product is tough and durable, and stands up to the rigors of a stained glass studio well. A bit of water or a few drips of solder will not harm your frame!


Are your designs original?

Yes. All of our designs are original and created in-house by master glassmaker A.S. Cheung.


Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes. If you are a stained glass supplier, retailer, or distributor, you can learn more about our wholesale pricing options and register to become a wholesale client with us today!


How do glassmakers use your designs?

All our frames are made with holes to pin or nail to your workboard. Lay your pattern on the board and place the frame over it, then attach the frame to the board.

If you're working on a softer surface (like homesote or drywall), you can use pushpins to attach the frame to the board. If you're working on a harder surface (like plywood), you can attach the frame with finishing nails or metal tacks.


Are patterns included with your frames?

Our seasonal frames include unique and original patterns, so you can get working on your ornaments right away. Our patterns are provided as digital downloads, so you can print out the patterns as many times as you need to.

Our other frames do not include patterns. However, many patterns are available online, often for free! Here are some sites to check for patterns you can use:

Art By Kelly also provides some great ideas on how to find stained glass patterns, or start making them on your own.