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Engraved Bevel - Maple Leaf, Canada Scroll

Engraved Bevel - Maple Leaf, Canada Scroll

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This attractive design has the all-Canadian maple leaf symbol, with a scroll saying "CANADA" unfurled across it. The bevel provides plenty of visual interest with a clear and clean Canadian message. Nothing too extravagant, just straight ahead and wholesome - just how we Canadians like it!

The bevel will make an excellent centrepiece for your next suncatcher or panel, and your Canadian customers will be immediately attracted to its simple and positive message. 

This glass bevel is precisely laser-engraved for a bright, eye-catching look. Available in 4"x4" and 5"x5" squares and 4" and 5" circles. 

Order this bevel and get a true Canadian piece started today, ya hoser!

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