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Engraved Bevel - Palm Prints

Engraved Bevel - Palm Prints

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A simple and elegant expression of the connection between parent and child! This engraved bevel shows a child's palm print inside a adult's larger palm print, showing the intimate closeness of parent and child.

Whether you're filling your Etsy store with new pieces, preparing stock for spring craft shows, or planning to make a gift for your own dad or mom, this engraved bevel is the perfect centerpiece for your panel or suncatcher.

This intricately designed glass bevel is precisely laser-engraved for a bright, eye-catching look. Available in multiple sizes and shapes to meet your creative needs - 4"x4" and 5"x5" squares, 4" and 5" circles, 3"x5" oval, and 3"x5" and 4"x6" rectangle. 

Order this bevel and get your Father's and Mother's Day pieces underway!

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