Glassola Tools Flag Layout Frame

Summer Celebration Layout Frames!

Summer celebration season is here! June and July are full of festive dates in North America, with Pride month, Canada Day, and Independence Day all coming up.

Glassola Tools is here with some amazing new frames for you to make some seasonal glass pieces.

Here are our frames for the summer holidays:

Flags - We’ve created three new flag frames to help you celebrate the upcoming holidays: one straight flag and two waving ones. You can create any number of flag patterns for these frames, and they’ll be useful to you all year long - but especially now as we approach the summer. Check out our flag frames here: the straight flag, wavy flag, and super-wavy flag are all available for ordering now!

Maple Leaf - We’re Canadian, and our Canadian pride is shining through this maple leaf frame! We celebrate Canada Day on July 1, and you can get your red and white glass out for our big national celebration with this frame. Check out our cool maple leaf frame here, eh?


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