Partner profile: Lucent Glass and Art

Partner profile: Lucent Glass and Art

With five successful years in business under their belt, Lucent Glass and Art have become a major mecca for glassmaking in the southern Ontario area. They were one of the first Glassola Tools wholesale customers, and the very first store in Canada to stock our frames on their shelves. We wanted to look a little closer at this thriving glass store!


The Lucent Glass journey

Jessica of Lucent Glass and Art

Lucent Glass and Art owner Jessica loved crafting in glass, and was always very intrigued by the business behind the supplies. She looked at the businesses behind all the products she was purchasing and who was making them.

When her local retail store was closing, she decided to put all her effort into building the biggest, baddest stained glass art supplies store.

Now Lucent is a major stained glass destination in Canada. Jessica's business continues to grow with a huge online and in-person community. And Jessica's team has grown to four people. 

The major change for Lucent in 2023 was to move from the original storefront to a much, much bigger store in the heart of historic downtown Guelph.


A special store

Lucent is known for carrying a large stock for all kinds of glass arts, including glass, tools, and other materials. They are a convenient one-stop shop for stained glass art supplies.

Lucent Workspace

But even more important is their sense of community. They cater to everyone from curious onlookers to experienced glassmaking professionals. But they have also  become a pillar of the local arts community, supporting makers and artisans in Guelph with events and in-store sales.

They also have a thriving customer base in Canada and around the world, sending glass and supplies to the USA, Europe, Australia, and Central America. But their focus always remains the local customers who visit them in person at their 3200 square foot retail location.


Moving forward

Lucent's great selection of glass

Now that they are well-established in their new space, Jessica and her all-women team are focused on improving the instore experience. They are always working to help people to experience the fun and safe environment they have created to learn stained glass.

One initiative was establishing interactive tables for the curious people who come in but are not yet practicing glass. These newbies can make something unique to them, giving them a positive first experience with glass art. Lucent welcomes anyone to come in and make a fused glass piece at our maker space any time during their open hours.

Lucent's "Wall of Glassola Tools"

A new program they are working to roll out is a monthly subscription plan. Lucent will be launching these plans to include glass packs, patterns, and video tutorials. (Subscribe to their e-mail newsletter to keep tabs on their new programs!)

With an expanded store, a growing customer base, and new ways to connect people to glass art, Lucent is poised to become even more important to the glassmaking community in their area and beyond.
We look forward to their continuing success, and to their continuing partnership with Glassola Tools!
Lucent Glass
32 Macdonell St.
Downtown Guelph, ON
Sunday&Monday Closed
Tuesday to Saturday 10-5pm
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