New from Glassola Tools: Corner frames!

New from Glassola Tools: Corner frames!

Sometimes you need straight lines and perfect angles for only part of your frame. Maybe you're making a piece to sit in the corner of a window. Maybe you're making a spray of flowers, or a slice of sunshine, or a fan. 

Getting the angled part of your piece isn't easy! If you've done something like this before, you know that getting straight sides and a precise angle take time and care - and probably a lot of hassle, too.

As always, Glassola Tools is here to help! We've developed a range of layout frames specifically designed to help with corners.

Three corner shapes are available:

  • 90 degrees, for perfectly square corners
  • 120 degrees, for a wider angle (the angle used in hexagons)
  • 135 degrees, for an even wider angle (the angle used in octagons)

All of these shapes are also available in two sizes: six inches for smaller projects, and eight inches for larger projects. And you can buy them as singles or as pairs, in case you want to lay out multiple pieces on your board at once.

As always, the real value in these layout frames is in how they help you make the glass art you want to. Your unique patterns, glass choices, and execution are what make your suncatchers and panels special. Let us help with the fussy, annoying stuff to let your light really shine!

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